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WTTC asks for COVID-19 tests investment at airports

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The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), through its President and CEO, Gloria Guevara Manzo, calls on all governments in the world to initiate a substantial investment program in COVID-19 detection tools at airports.

Temperature controls and swab tests (with cotton swabs) must be performed on all international passengers arriving and leaving a destination, and results must be delivered within 24 hours. Only those who are positive have to be quarantined. Passengers should also be advised to use applications that assist in testing and tracking in countries where this type of tool exists.

“It is crucial that all international airports implement globally recognized testing standards for passengers boarding and disembarking. This will give travelers more peace of mind, maintain air corridors between countries and mitigate the damage from disruptions caused by the blunt quarantines that massively impact the recovery of the sector “, says Gloria.

“We will have to live with COVID-19 in the immediate future and do everything possible to protect public health and save lives while restoring consumer confidence, driving global economic recovery, and saving the jobs of millions of people who depend on the healthcare sector. Travel and Tourism “, concludes the president and CEO of WTTC.

COVID-19 tests at airports worldwide

“Airport testing for COVID-19 is getting more common as health concerns rise. From Europe to the U.S., it not only takes place as a way of allowing travelers to bypass mandatory quarantine at their destination or back home but to stave off the threat of a second wave of infections being imported by returning holidaymakers.”

“This is the crucial reason Germany, for example, is unfurling free state-funded COVID-19 test centers at all major airports. Soon tests should be compulsory for all passengers coming from high-risk countries.”

“The trend is gaining traction worldwide. As an increasing number of countries demand negative COVID tests on arrival, many are also setting up airport testing stations. Sometimes tests are voluntary; at others mandatory, at least for travelers coming from COVID hotspots.”

Information from Forbes

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