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Infraero releases flights in Congonhas airport

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The main runway at Congonhas Airport once again received landings and takeoffs after the completion of 32 days of construction. With the renovation of the pavement, Infraero delivers a runway to the airport with more drainage capacity (rapid drainage of rainwater) and greater grip for aircraft tires. During the work period, milling of the old asphalt lining, the execution of a structural layer of asphalt concrete with grooving in the headland region, and application of a porous friction surface layer, as well as horizontal signage. In all, R $ 11.5 million was invested in the new runway.

All of these activities required coordinated work, which included two asphalt plants to service the construction, with 4,400 m³ of asphalt concrete and 1,800 m³ of friction porous surface layer. These materials were handled by 120 trucks, four asphalt pavers (paving equipment); three asphalt milling machines, a grooving equipment, and 30 lighting towers, which allowed the 180 professionals to work in three shifts, executing the work, on schedule, in the 1,940 meters of track length.

“Infraero’s Engineering and Operations team demonstrated its ability to do a major job at the country’s second-largest airport in terms of the number of passengers. This shows the company’s ability to conceive and execute projects in complex airports such as Congonhas and Santos Dumont or in smaller terminals, such as those that serve regional aviation”, evaluates the company’s president, Brigadeiro Paes de Barros.

The first scheduled operation is the arrival of flight 3009, from Latam, scheduled for 10:05 am.


The decision to maintain the works between August and September also took into account the low incidence of rain in the city of São Paulo during the period of constructions. “Infraero used its expertise in this type of work and, with the work aligned and coordinated, completed the renovation with ease, as well as the renovation of the Santos Dumont runway last year,” says Infraero’s Engineering Superintendent, Giuliano Capucho.

The smooth running of the works also counted on the contribution of airlines; the Brazilian Association of Airline Companies (Abear), the Brazilian General Aviation Association (ABAG), and other related public entities, such as the Airspace Control Department (Decea), the Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the National Civil Aviation Agency, which since the beginning of the year actively participated in the planning of each stage of the works.

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