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Gol implements service with GRU telepresence robot

Gol Airlines continues to invest in technological solutions to serve its customers. After introducing GAL, the physical self-service robot, still in 2019, GOL has just launched a telepresence robot. In the proof of concept (POC) phase, which continues until October 9, the equipment developed in partnership with Pluginbot works interacting with travelers, clarifying doubts and supporting issues involving flights, airline reservations and specific doubts about the airport. The device is being tested at Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo.

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The new device, which also provides screen sharing to scan the QR Code after check-in, is a project that aims to make airport service more flexible, bringing more security, since it does not require handling, extra care in times of pandemic.

“Unlike GAL, which answers pre-programmed questions, as in an automatic chat, the telepresence robot is capable of promoting humanized, innovative, friendly and objective service – and without any physical contact, only by voice”, says the manager IT and Gol Labs, Flavia Segura.

For the Airport Operations manager, Raioni Santos, the fact that we provide service in any area of ​​the airport provides a unique experience in the journey of travelers.

The telepresence robot has an attached tablet and communication software, and will be controlled in real time, remotely, by a team of three people, with relay shifts. Especially next Friday (2), from 9:30 am to 11:00 am, one of the attendants will be the president of GOL, Paulo Kakinoff. The executive will remotely pilot the equipment allocated at Guarulhos airport.

Gol is organized to expand the service in a short period of time. The idea is that the telepresence robot is also serving the other three hubs of the company – Brasília, RioGaleão and Fortaleza.

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