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FLN Airport tests boarding with facial recognition

A project created by the Ministry of Infrastructure (MInfra) in partnership with Serpro, an IT company from the Federal Government, and supported by Florianópolis International Airport (FLN), aims to make the boarding process at airports more efficient and air travel safer. Based on facial recognition, the Embarque Seguro project begins to be tested through biometric identification, starting on October 8th, at FLN Airport. For now, only volunteers will test the new technology. The Federal Government intends to gradually implement the project at its main airports when the solution is approved.

Facial recognition technology for passenger identification and automatic boarding at electronic gates (e-gates) is already offered in the market. What did not exist, until now, was a unified national system that made it possible to check and validate the passenger’s identity from the crossing with different government databases. With the development of the solution conducted by the National Civil Aviation Secretariat of MInfra, security authorities will be able to use intelligence in travelers’ early risk assessment through the Brazilian Passenger Information System.

The development and use of Safe Shipping is in line with the federal government’s digitalization of services. “The transformation of the Brazilian state also involves the digital transformation of services that impact citizens’ lives. This is exactly what happens with Embarque Seguro, which certainly arrives to facilitate travelers’ lives, ensuring comfort and safety at airports. We are committed to transforming Brazil through digital, offering, and delivering services and applications to the population that make citizens’ lives simpler and easier. Digital is no longer an alternative. Digital is today; it is now “, affirms the special secretary of Debureaucratization, Management and Digital Government of the Ministry of Economy and former president of Serpro, Caio Paes de Andrade.

“With the technological solution of the Embarque Seguro project, Brazilian public authorities are now responsible for checking the information of passengers, from the crossing of biometrics and data at the base of the system, and no longer the airline employee at the time of boarding the aircraft. We want to bring more security and agility to the sector, aligning the country with what is most current in international air transport standards ”, highlighted the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas.


The tests of the pilot project of Embarque Seguro in Florianópolis will be carried out with voluntary passengers of the airline Latam. The verification of the traveler’s identity will occur at the time of electronic check-in with the linking of a photo to the air ticket, which will allow easy access for the passenger to the departure lounge. The aircraft’s boarding will take place through the traveler’s biometrics, without the need to present any documents.

To perform the tests, Serpro developed an application that allows the passenger photo registration, being linked to his CPF. The verification of biometric identification is done by checking with the National Driver’s License (CNH) database in the National Traffic Department (Denatran), which has about 56 million active records. Soon, other government banks will be used to expand the universe of data validated to serve all citizens.

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